PWC Scholastic Chess

If this is your first time playing in one of these tournaments (or your first time attending one), here are a few things that may help you prepare for the day:`

Information To Know:
1. All players must arrive and check in before 8:30am on the day of the tournament.
(Anyone not signed in by 9am will miss playing the first round, giving the player a distinct disadvantage if he/she is trying for a trophy or a medal.)

2. Each player in each section will play all four rounds.
No players are eliminated for their wins or losses. (If there is an emergency, and a player needs to leave, please let the TD on the computer know that the player needs to be removed from being paired for the future rounds.

3.    Only players and Tournament Directors are allowed in the tournament room while rounds are 
in play. (Parents/Guardians may not watch the games in play. This is to ensure that the players are able to concentrate and play without interruption or assistance from onlookers.) 

4.    If there is any dispute or disagreement, a player must notify the Tournament Director 
immediately. (Players have to raise their hands and talk to the TD if something is wrong. Once a game is over and players leave the board, there will not be any further discussion or recourse regarding a result.) 

5.    Immediately following the completion of a game, each player will set up the board, record the 
result(sign his/her initials next to the score) and return to the Waiting Area(nicknamed The Skittles Room) to wait for the next round to start. 
(This wait can be anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, depending on how quickly a player's game finishes. Usually parents bring something to do during the wait.) 

6.   This is an all-volunteer(-all-the-time) organization. Everything that happens throughout the day is 
through the help of volunteers(crowd-control, concessions, Tournament Directors and scorers). If you want to help, we will put you to work. :-) Please ask! 

7.   There will be a concession stand in the Waiting Area(Skittles Room) that sells pizza, hot dogs, 
chips, candy, sodas, bottles of water and other snacks(and coffee and doughnuts in the morning!). Profits from concessions go towards paying for trophies, medals and supplies. 
Please help contribute if you can! 

8.   The day will be a long one, but we will try to get you out as quickly as possible. Come prepared to 
be in a crowded room from 8:30 to about 2:30 pm (normally we are out before this, but please come with the understanding that all players in a section must finish before starting the following round, and each section plays four rounds). Some adults bring camping chairs and small folding tables because seating is typically hard to come by. 

9.   There will be an Awards Ceremony immediately following the completion of the final game in the 
4th round. Players with 2.5 points or higher will be eligible for a medal or a trophy during the ceremony, while players with 2 points or less will receive a Certificate of Participation (sent to their school in the following weeks). 

10. We are guests in the schools that host the tournaments. Please help us keep the Skittles Room and other parts we are using clean. 

 There will be a "New Player/Parent Orientation Meeting" at around 8:45 am to help answer any questions and review some of the basic information to know about the day.

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